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For nearly forty years Century Homes has met the dreams of home owners seeking beautifully personalized value packed homes. Today we offer even more exciting choices and custom features to further enhance your lifestyle.

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Jason Kotter

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One thing that makes Century Homes special is our unique financing process. Instead of requiring 2 loans–a construction loan, and a final mortgage, requiring 2 loan origination fees–we can make it happen with one loan. You save $100’s or $1000’s in orgination fees. Century Homes is one of only a few dealers who can help you bypass the construction loan. We’ll be glad to explain the details in person, so be sure to ask how we make financing your new home simpler, and save you thousands at the same time. This can and does save Century Homes customers big money on their home purchase and set up.


Kit Homes are top quality manufactured homes with features usually only found in custom built homes. With floor plans starting at 747 sq ft. up to 3000 sq ft, and custom touches like high flat ceilings, granite counter tops and flipped floor plan layouts, Today’s manufactured homes can be shipped with top-of-the-line brand name appliances. Custom add-ons like fireplaces, decks, and porches are now also easily achievable. you can have a quality custom manufactured home that fits your lifestyle. Manufactured homes are customizable to a degree that leaves traditional stick-built homes at a disadvantage.


Based on region, construction costs per square foot for a new factory-built home average from 10 to 25 percent less than a comparable new site-built home. Independent appraisal studies confirm that factory-built homes can perform in value at the same rate as other housing forms in the same market. Costs of interim construction financing may be significantly reduced or eliminated as completion time may be shorter with factory-built homes. All construction materials, as well as interior finishes and appliances, are purchased in volume which translates directly into greater affordability for the homebuyer.

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They are very awesome! I got a great experience in buying a home. No stress! No headache! They help you all the way.